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"ANDBURSERVIS" company participated at the next 16th International Exhibition "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan."

took part in the 5th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange


The regular 14-th International Conference "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan."

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Product of company "ChRMZ"
Drilling rig VB 53 320M Drilling rig VB 53  320M
Technical characteristics VB 53 320M
1. Hook load capacity, kN 3200
2. Construction tower of pipes
3. The grid system phillips with flexible connections
4. Height (from the base plates) crept up to the top of the block frame, m 53,5
5. Size of the lower base of the centers legs, m 10x10
6. Capacity stores for pipes, m 7000
7. Number of balconies of the upper working 2
8. The height of the balconies, m 23 35
9. Height of door opening, m 10,5
10. Overall dimensions, mm
  length 10560
  width 10560
  height 57500
11. Weight, kg 38150
Base turret
Technical characteristics OB 53M
  Base OB 53M is designed for installation and transportationdrilling equipment "Uralmash 3D-76" and "Uralmash 4EZ-76."  
  Basic parameters and dimensions
1. Mark on the rig floor, m 5-6
2. The distance between the centers of the supports for the tower, m 10x10  
3. Area candlestick, m2 8,1  
4. Allowable load kN (ts)    
  on a rotary beam 3200(320)  
  on a candlestick 2000(200)  
5. Weight, kg 79500  
  Base OB 53M allows the BOP scheme OP-1 GOST 13862-80 or scheme OP-2 GOST 13862-80.  
  The scope of the grounds include:
  1. Tower unit - I    
  2. Drive unit - I    
  Base turret
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