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May 2012
"ANDBURSERVIS" company participated at the next 16th International Exhibition "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan."

October 2011.

from 25 to 29 October 2011 took part in the 5th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange


May 2010
The regular 14-th International Conference "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan."

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About company
ANDBURSERVIS Ltd. leading in Uzbekistan and Central Asia producer and supplier of a wide range of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The company consists of the enterprise, for many years known to consumers as the leaders in the production of reliable and high quality products:

"URALAND" Ltd. company specializes in the manufacture, overhaul and maintenance of drilling equipment.

"ChRMZ" Ltd. company (Chimyan Mechanical-Repair Factory) specializes in the manufacture of drilling rigs and bases.

"NefteGazKonstruktsiya" (Oil Gas Construction) is an enterprise developer and manufacturer of design documentation:

  • Attachment to steel tanks up to 20,000 cubic meters of oil storage;
  • gas appliances - gas control points;
  • fire-fighting equipment - fire monitors trunks, foam generators;
  • specialized mobile caravans based containers.

Each of the participating companies has unique characteristics, allowing to take the leading position in the market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The merger became possible to offer customers a wide range of equipment that is of quality and technical characteristics is not inferior to foreign producers .

"ANDBURSERVIS" Ltd. constantly interacts with the leading scientific and technical and design institutes, offering consumers unique and innovative technologies to improve efficiency.

Products of "ANDBURSERVIS" Ltd. is well known in the market and rightly established itself as a reliable in operation.

Work has begun on the rig upgrade with replacing existing rigs with more modern mast open face .

In our work we focus on building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, effective integrated solutions and advanced technologies for drilling and oil production.

© ANDBURSERVIS. Manufacture and repair of drilling equipment. Production of drilling rigs. rubber products, yarn and fabric, special equipment. Made in Genesis t - "Genesis". t -t.